Nenpou Shinkyou

The origin is a family tie.

About Nenpou Shinkyou

About Nenpou Shinkyou

On August 3, 1925, the buddha Amitabha Tathagata manifested in a dream to Reigen Ogura, proclaiming the foundation of Nenpou Shinkyou.

The spirit of Nenpou Shinkyou proclaims that all people throughout the world, regardless of religion, nationality or cultural background, should join hands in fellowship to build a world without conflict. Nenpou Shinkyou teaches the True Way in which we should live – the Goseikun.

Nenpou Shinkyou's mission is for people to bring these teachings into their lives, to practice them, and thereby create a better world for everyone, a world where each day is filled with joy.

Each day at Souhonzan Kongouji, our Head Temple, as well as at branch temples throughout Japan, we help guide people to find solutions to their problems and move toward the realization of happy lives.

Reigen Ogura, Founder of Nenpou Shinkyou

Reigen Ogura, Founder of Nenpou Shinkyou

Reigen Ogura was born September 9, 1886 in Imafuku, Osaka City. His father passed away before he was born. As he grew to adulthood, he suffered many hardships, such as being sent from his home to serve as an apprentice at age 11, and having to endure arduous labor.

For over half a century, with the aim of eliminating the suffering of conflict, sickness, poverty, and immoral behavior from the world, he spent more than 300 days each year, from the age of 40 until the age of 97, traveling to every corner of Japan, giving advice to others to help them cope with their cares and suffering, and showing them the path of salvation offered by buddha.

He also set an example of frugality with statements such as "not even the tiniest morsel of food should go to waste." Never forgetting the hardships of wartime, when everything was in short supply, he tirelessly taught the necessity of cultivating a peaceful heart to realize a world free from armed conflict.

He was the object of limitless love and affection from all of his followers, and throughout his life they continued to revere him as if he were their own father.

The Origin of Souhonzan Kongouji,
the Head Temple of Nenpou Shinkyou Buddhist Denomination

The Origin of Souhonzan Kongouji, the Head Temple of Nenpou Shinkyou Buddhist Denomination

Constructing a Pure Land (paradise) in the material world in order to bring Amitabha's Pure Land to this earth and make it a good, joyful place to live is the mission of Nenpou Shinkyou and an important part of our activities, and was the dearest wish of our founder. The Kongouji Large Temple Complex "Garan" is his successor's (the Second Founder) physical expression of the desire to fulfill his wish.

Construction of the Garan building was completed in March 2000. The various buildings express, in a highly varied form, the superior design characteristics of Japanese architecture, and the temple’s expansive, magnificent appearance is in tune with the concept of creating a Pure Land in the material world. Kongouji was not just created for followers of Nenpou Shinkyou. It was constructed with the hope that it could be a place where all the sick and suffering can pray with peace of mind, a place allowing the creation of a Pure Land.